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storm747 started this conversation

The Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program provides new clothing and/or toys for
children. A sponsoring company or corporation places a Christmas tree in a secure, high-pedestrian traffic area or lobby. The tree is decorated with numbered paper angel tags with the first name, age and gender of a child who will receive the gift. Contributors remove one or more tags from the tree and purchase appropriate gifts for the child or children described on the tags. The toys are then delivered to the unit and later picked up by the parent to distribute to the child/children on Christmas Day.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Ampmama
Hi.i.just put up the list for Christmas help it will be a few post down i have been posting to the ones.that has ask possible it again later today
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littlelacie   in reply to Ampmama
Hi, Storm has not been on this site for years. But come back to this site on Monday. Woman in a shoe will be posting the list of resources that are helping with Christmas this year. And for finding some help with bills, dial 211,give city,county,state, say what you need help with. They will tell you what resources are available in your area, that might be able to help.
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I have lived in my new town for 3 years and have spent countless hours on the phone trying to find help for Christmas without any success. Toys for tots doesn't serve our area. Please help me figure out who to contact to get help. I'm at my wits end.
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im in need as well
If your in Utah and your in need of Christmas help call 211 they have all the info you'll need
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woman in a shoe   in reply to 2boys1girl
Just put up the list of Christmas help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to 2boys1girl
Hi i will get ahold of u on Monday with resources. Where u can get help.
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littlelacie   in reply to 2boys1girl
Hi. Storm has not been on this site for years. Woman in a shoe has posted a list of places that help at Christmas. She posted it earlier today(Saturday) if you want to look back over the days postings. Or she will post it again on Monday. These are organizations that help, you need to see which ones on the list are there in your city. Once you see which ones are in your city, you have to find the phone numbers, to call them to see when you need to sign up.
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Hi I am a single mom of 3 children. My children are my life but my husband and I split up and I won't be able to give them a Christmas this year. I have a 7 year old boy who needs clothes size 7 and shoes size 2. He likes mind craft. I have a 3 year old boy who also needs clothes size 3t and shoes size 10. He like the ninja turtles. I have a 22 month old daughter who needs clothes sizes 2t and shoes size 6. She like anything princess or hello kitty. Thank you you for any help that you can offer.
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Willie60   in reply to 2girlsn2boys
Hello"! 2girlsn2boys. The best places I would suggest. Would be Salvation army. Or Good will. Better still. Do you have a Catholic Charities were you are"? Try these online. And just see what"? They offer. I mean, there is no shame when you are in need. I go to a church tat feeds and give away clothes. Why don't you try those options"! Most of all I hope the very best for you and the children. And I I'll keep all if you in prayers. I just had a great grand daughter. We have 7-grandsons and 1-Granddaughter. So try these suggestions. And if this situation has been solved"? I will jeep you you and your family in my prayers . Good Luck"! :-) :-) :-) :-) .
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I'm 28 and I'm a single mother of 4 i have two boys n two girls and i love my children so much but can't give them one this year. My son who is 4years old need clothu and he like cars n trunks and my other boy is 10 mouths he also nerd cloths he a big boy he in size 18 to 24mouths clothes. wr they need whips n dipers size 4 n i also have a two little girl who two n she size 2t n 3t in clothes she aloso need pull up and underwere for potty training n she like hello kitty. n i have a 10 year girl who's need clothes to she need clothes also she size 12 14 n she like pink n she love to read books i do not work working on getting my disabilb. They're father dose want anything to could i please get some help this year please n thank you..
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im a 26 y/o newly single mother of 2 boys and i love my boys but im not able to give them a christmas this year my 2 year old is in need of a toddler bed and both my 1 &2 y/o love disney's cars im on disability and their father doesnt pay for them plz help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to misskrystal
Hi did u get the information I put up for u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to misskrystal
Hi storm 747 not been on here in a very very long time. I am going to give u the resources that help at Christmas. But all we can do is give u information where u mite get help. Put u got to fine these phone numbers and see when they start taken application s. Salvation army. Toys for tots. St Vincent due Paul. Urban league. Catholic charities. Shop with a police officer. Some radio station s and fire halld. This one new to me operation Christmas child for Samaritan purse they say start calling Oct 1. 1-800-353-5949. Angel tree to help kids who mother or father is in prison
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Im a wonderful loving mother of 4 beautiful girls that i truely love. All i asked for is my kids be blessed with a very marry christmas.
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AEG angels
Hello Im a mother of three wonderful Boys i wanted to see if i could get some Help on this christmas
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Hey angel tree i am a mom of two wonderful boys ages 10 n 7 yr. Old son has moderate autism n my 10yr.old helps with him alot he hepls prepare him for school each day..i wud love for them to receive an angel this year .i.m on a fixed income n wanted to give them a ghud christmas this yr. PLEASE HELP ME! been tryin to get thru on phone line since the 1st day of signup but wasnt ssuccessful ..PLEASE HELP ANGELS!
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Im a single mother of two boys ages 4 and 20months looking for a toddler bed and ninja turtle things they love them. Any help appreciated.
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craftystar   in reply to luvingmommieOf3
Look on my facebook page at my babies, Adorable Bambino Nursery
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luvingmommieOf3   in reply to craftystar
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luvingmommieOf3   in reply to craftystar
I would love she loves dolls
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